Extended Mag Release (Mag Catch) -- Beretta CX4 Storm

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Magazine Type:

Actuating Side:

  • 04.109a
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The extended magazine release (mag catch) for the CX4 was developed for easier and faster... more

The extended magazine release (mag catch) for the CX4 was developed for easier and faster actuation of the magazine release especially for practical sport shooting. The extended magazine release does not have to be pressed „into“ the grip when compared to the original design while the distinctive texture of the actuating surface provides good grip and feedback.

Additional advantages:

  • Suitable for Beretta 92 and PX4 magazines as well as right- and left-handed shooters. A conversion to a different configuration is possible at any time due to the universal design.
  • Replaces the original magazine release and does not require any permanent DIY modifications of the original part.
  • Robust all metal execution - all components are manufactured form Aluminum resp. stainless steel.

4 different, pre-assembled configurations are available to cover all common CX4 versions, while the configuration can also be changed at any time by the shooter due to the universal design. 

  • 04.109a … right-handed, 92 magazine
  • 04.109b … left-handed, 92 magazine
  • 04.109c … right-handed, PX4 magazine
  • 04.109d … left-handed, PX4 magazine



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