Trigger Group without Trigger -- Beretta CX4 Storm (92 Magazine, 9x19 / 9x21)

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  • 04.100.1B
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The trigger group - here in the version for Beretta 92 / Series 90 magazines in 9x19 / 9x21 (.40... more

The trigger group - here in the version for Beretta 92 / Series 90 magazines in 9x19 / 9x21 (.40 S&W) - was developed to eliminate shortcomings of the original trigger group, to improve the function and the trigger action during shooting.


  • Robust execution with all steel and Aluminium components; Reduces the risk of damage or breakage associated with the original plastic components – especially the housing and the hammer – significantly.
  •  Due to the material induced stiffness of the components any deformation during a trigger pull is practically eliminated resulting in a more even distribution of the trigger pull weight (force) along its travel until the shot breaks. In addition to the more even trigger characteristic the maximum trigger pull weight (force) and trigger travel could be reduced on average by 25%*. Comparative measurements with the TriggerScan measuring device showed the total trigger energy is reduced by a third i.e. the shooter on average has to expend 1/3 less travel and 1/3 less force overall to fire one round.
    The set-up of the trigger pull weight (force) and travel is also based on considerations for the overall safety and the functional reliability for the use of a wide variety of ammunition and small pistol primer brands and was evaluated and tested in a +20.000 round testing program. In the course of testing the Austrian national and regional IPSC PCC champisonships 2021 were shot using the trigger group.

In terms of the basic function the TECTAL trigger group maintains the same operting mechanism as the original assembly. This was done to retain 3 important safety features (trigger cross-block safety, firing pin safety, out-of-battery safety). The trigger group does not contain a hammer safety - it is designed for sporting use only!

* Based on comprehensive prototype and pre-series testing, provided that cleanliness and lubrication of the components is maintained. A short break-in period may be required.

 Scope of Supply and Installation:

  • 1 pc. trigger housing with pre-installed sear
  • 1 pc. hammer with pre-installed hammer spring, light
  • 1 pc. trigger spring, light
  • 04.100.1A … including 1 pc. trigger (PN 04.102)
  • 04.100.1B … excluding trigger (PN 04.102)

The use of the trigger group in combination with the TECTAL Trigger PN 04.102 is strongly recommended to ensure the best possible improvement. If no TECTAL trigger has been previsously bought, choose the version PN 04.100.1A of the trigger group which does contain the trigger PN 04.102.
Pictures in the product description may show a fully assembley resp. installed trigger group for illustration purposes only. The scope of supply is - depending on the version ordered - always acc. to the above list.

In order to complete the trigger group the following steel parts from an original trigger group are required:

  • trigger bars
  • pins
  • safety spring clip

The installation requires partial disassembly of the gun and complete disassembly of the trigger group. It is strongly recommended to have the installation done professionally by a gunsmith! For additional information please refer to the instruction manual available as a download. It contains a full description of the product and scope of supply as well as all important general notes regarding installation, use, maintenance etc. are provided therein. The full version of the instruction manual including the chapter „Installation“ will be provided to the customer after ordering,upon shipping of the product as a .pdf in electronic form.


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