Recoil Spring Guide Rod Kit -- Beretta CX4 Strom

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  • 04.112
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Recoil Spring Guide Rod with Retaining Block and Buffer (PN 04.112) for Beretta CX4... more

Recoil Spring Guide Rod with Retaining Block and Buffer (PN 04.112) for

  • Beretta CX4 Storm

Following several customer requests and having experienced multiple breakages of the original Beretta CX 4 plastic recoil spring guide rod ourselves, the development of a very robust recoil spring guide rod made of steel with a buffer plate manufactured from hard wearing Polyurethane and a bering bronze retaining guide block started early 2019. During match preparation for the Mosquito 2019 and the Extreme Euro Open 2019 the matches themselves and subsequently the prototypes were tested with +12.000 rounds (as per end of December 2019) and proved themselves to be a major reliability upgrade for the Beretta CX 4.

Now we can offer the production version with the following advantages:

  • Improved reliability - As the TECTAL recoil spring guide rod is made of a single piece of steel the risk of breakage is practically eliminated. The original plastic guide rod is known to brake at the diameter change where it meets the buffer. This effectively renders the gun unserviceable!
  • Increased longevity - The TECTAL recoil spring guide rod is made of special, surface hardened steel to considerably decrease wear and friction in contact with the recoil spring and the retaining block made of bearing bronze. Alternative products on the market wear comparatively fast due to “cutting corners” in the execution.
  • The buffer consists of PU with improved damping characteristics compared to the original part and is highly resistant against mechanical damage and the effects of chemicals used in association with guns (gun cleaners and oils etc.). If ever required the buffer can be easily replaced.



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