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Hammer Spring, reduced power -- Beretta CX4 Storm


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  • 04.110
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Hammer Spring, Light (PN 04.110) for Beretta CX4 Storm The light (i.e. reduced... more

Hammer Spring, Light (PN 04.110) for

  • Beretta CX4 Storm

The light (i.e. reduced power) hammer spring offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction of the trigger pull of up to 0,5kg (1lbs) * 
  • Developed to work with the original plastic hammer **
  • High-quality spring steel, heat treated and plated to allow for visual differentiation from the original spring and to offer additional corrosion protection


* The actual result will depend on the interaction of all parts within an individual trigger group - see also in the manual!

** Proper function may be weapon and ammunition dependant especially with „hard“ or insufficiently seated primers and shall be tested! Tested in 2 carbines (cal. 9x19) with:

  • GECO 124gr RN, CBC 115gr / 124gr RN, S&B 124gr RN, SVT 124gr RN, ZVS 124gr RN, MaxxTech (new) 115gr RN
  • Reloads with CBC, Fiocchi, CCI 500 SP and Federal GM100 Small Pistol primers


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