Screw Bit for Rear Stock Bolt -- Lee - Enfield

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  • 08.102
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Screw Bit (PN 08.102) for Rear Stock Bolt, Lee - Enfield The slotted bolt... more

Screw Bit (PN 08.102) for

  • Rear Stock Bolt, Lee - Enfield

The slotted bolt used to retain the rear stock of Lee-Enfield rifles is "buried" deep in the stock and difficult to remove or tighten when using common screw drivers - these often cause considerable damage to the bolt head. Even more prone to damage are the hollow bolts used in the No. 5 Mk I "Jungle Carbine" which by now are all but impossible to obtain as replacement parts in good condition.

To make the removal and re-assembly of the rear stock bolt easier a special screw - bit was developed which fits into the slots of standard Lee-Enfield and No.5 Mk I rear stock bolts. It allows for easier loosening of tight bolts and reduces the risk of damage considerably. The bit is inserted into a 13mm socket with a 1/4" drive where it is retained by a strong magnet.

Parts supplied:

  • Screw Bit (PN 08.102) with magnet

Instructions for use:

  • Before maintaining or working on any firearm always ensure that it is unloaded and safe!
  • Insert the bit into a 13mm socket with a 1/4" drive

  • Using two 1/4" extension bars the rear stock bolt can be reached and loosened / tightened by means of a ratchet or a cross bar. While loosening or tightening the bolt, the blade of the bit must be pressed firmly (!) into the slot in the bolt head.

  • The bit is made out of high-strength steel which is not corrosion resistant. During storage protect the bit from corrosion.



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