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Tungsten Recoil Spring Guide Rod -- CZ Tactical Sports / Tactical Sports Orange (.40 S&W)


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  • 01.104
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Tungsten Recoil Spring Guide Rod (PN 01.104) for CZ Tactical Sports (.40 S&W) CZ... more

Tungsten Recoil Spring Guide Rod (PN 01.104) for

  • CZ Tactical Sports (.40 S&W)
  • CZ Tactical Sports Orange (.40 S&W)

 The Tungsten Recoil Spring Guide Rod has been engineered to replace the standard plastic or steel guide rod of CZ TS / TSO pistols in the calibre .40 S&W.

This full-Tungsten guide rod is a full length, floating design, i.e. the guide rod orients itself during the rearward travel of the slide while being only loosely held retained in the guide hole below the muzzle.

The additional mass of Tungsten - especially when compared to the short plastic guide rod - dampens muzzle rise considerably thereby reducing movement of the gun and allowing for precise and quick follow-up shots.

Tested in trainung. local matches, the national Austrian IPSC Championship "Standard Division" 2018 as well as the Mosquito 2019 and the Extreme Euro Open 2019.

Made in Austria


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