Safety Selector - Set for Right-Handed Shooters -- CZ Scorpion EVO 3

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  • 04.116
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Safety Selector - Set  for Right-Handed Shooters   CZ Scorpion EV O 3... more

Safety Selector - Set for Right-Handed Shooters

  •  CZ Scorpion EVO 3

 The safety selector - set for right-handed shooters contains

- 04.116 – large, left

- 04.117 – small, right

Shape and size of all safety selectors were optimized in a sustained development process and tested extensively during IPSC training and matches to offer the best possible handling while remaining unobtrusive.

  • The large safety selectors are slightly shorter than the original but due to their design offer a large actuating surface and superior accessibility even with gloves etc. to allow for reliable operation under all circumstances.
  • The small safety selectors correct the most obvious fault in ergonomics and shooting comfort by eliminating the constant chafing of the original plastic safety selector against the trigger finger. As opposed to other solutions the safety can still be activated / deactivated from both sides of the gun.
  • All safety selectors are precision machined from high-strength Aluminium and coated black offering superior robustness and longevity when compared to the original parts.