TECTAL Beretta CX 4 Trigger Group

We are proud to present the TECTAL trigger group PN 04.100 for the Beretta CX 4 pistol caliber carbine following an intensive development phase.

As usual with all TECTAL products not only the development but all manufacturing of the Aluminium and steel components as well as the spring is done 100% in Austria.

Technical Aspects:

All components are manufactured from Aluminium resp. steel.

  • As such damage / breakage of plastic components especially the housing and the hammer are a thing of the past.


  • Due to the inherent stiffness of the components a deformation while pulling the trigger is practically eliminated. This results in a more uniform increase of the trigger pull weight until the shot breaks.


  • Comparisons between the TECTAL prototypes and the original trigger groups have not only shown a smoother trigger characteristic but also the maximum trigger pull as well as the total trigger travel have been decreased by 25% on average. Using the TriggerScan measuring device the total trigger energy is reduced by a full third i.e. the shooter has to expend 1/3 less travel and force overall to fire one round.


The set-up of the trigger pull and travel was chosen based on considerations for the overall safety and the functional reliability for the use of a wide variety of ammunition and small pistol primer brands, provided a certain quality standard is guaranteed.

In terms of the basic function the TECTAL trigger group is designed along the lines of the original. This was done to maintain 3 important safety features (trigger cross-block safety, firing pin safety, out-of-battery safety). The hammer- / drop safety was omitted after careful consideration for practical reasons - as such the TECTAL trigger group is only recommended for sporting use!

For practical testing more than 20.000 round were expanded so far using a wide variety of ammunition and primer brands in the process and two prototype trigger groups are being tested under routine use and maintenance conditions during regular IPSC training.    

The first test in a competition was passed with excellent results during the Austrian IPSC PCC championship 2021 which featured a total of 12 stages with +270 rounds.
Also the quite challenging Level 2 IPSC Match "MaHö Cup 2021" with 12 Stages and +200 rounds was completed successfully with a CX4 equipped with the TECTAL trigger group and resulted in a position within the top 20% of the PCC division.


The production of the first series will start in August 2021 which shall become available by the end of September 2021 and can be purchased by customers from the EU under www.tectal.at .
In order to adjust the production lot size to best meet customer demand we kindly ask for your feedback under office@tectal.at if you are interested in purchasing the product.

Scope of Supply:

The TECTAL trigger group PN 04.100 will include:

  • trigger housing with pre-installed sear
  • hammer
  • hammer spring
  • trigger spring
  • TECTAL trigger (PN 04.102), optional

In order to complete the trigger group some steel parts from the original trigger group must be used including the pins, the safety spring clip and the trigger bars (as included in the picture).
The use of the original trigger is not recommended to achieve the best possible improvement!


The prices are not yet finalised but will be in the region of 400Eur for the trigger group respectively 460Eur for the trigger group including the TECTAL trigger (PN 04.102) - prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping.

If you are interested in this product or in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under office@tectal.at .