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Trigger Tuning Kit -- Beretta CX4 Storm


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  • 04.111
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Trigger Tuning Kit (PN 04.111) for Beretta CX4 Storm The trigger tuning kit for... more

Trigger Tuning Kit (PN 04.111) for

  • Beretta CX4 Storm

The trigger tuning kit for the Beretta CX4 Storm contains the TECTAL Trigger (PN 04.102) and the  TECTAL Hammer Spring, Light (PN 04.110) which combine to improve the trigger characteristic significantly. Installation can be done in one step based on the respective instruction manuals!


  • Improved trigger ergonomics -- By moving the trigger blade forward by approx. 5mm a relaxed resting position of the trigger finger is achieved while the new shape of the trigger drastically improves trigger control.
  • No flex trigger -- The high-strength Aluminium construction eliminates any flex as in the original plastic part and allows for a crisper trigger pull.
  • Reduced trigger pre- and overtravel -- The reduction of pre- and overtravel was an important consideration. The design reduces the pre- and overtravel to reliably functioning minimum values. The operating mode of the CX4 trigger pack will however always require a little more travel in order to ensure a reliable reset.
  • Reduction of the trigger pull of up to 0,5kg (1lbs) with the reduced power hammer spring*
  • Reduced power hammer spring made from high-quality spring steel, heat treated and plated to allow for visual differentiation from the original spring and to offer additional corrosion protection

Tested during training, local matches, the regional and national Austrian IPSC PCC Championships 2018/2019 as well as international level III matches (Slovak Open 2019, Mosquito 2019, Extreme Euro Open 2019).


* The actual result will depend on the interaction of all parts within an individual trigger group! Proper function may be weapon and ammunition dependant especially with „hard“ or insufficiently seated primers and shall be tested! The reduced power hammer spring was tested with the original plastic hammer in 2 carbines (cal. 9x19) showing 100% reliability with:

  • GECO 124gr RN, CBC 115gr / 124gr RN, S&B 124gr RN, SVT 124gr RN, ZVS 124gr RN, MaxxTech (new) 115gr RN
  •  Reloads with CBC, Fiocchi, CCI 500 SP and Federal GM100 Small Pistol primers


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