Magazine Catch for Left-Handed Shooters - 1911

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  • 01.113
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Magazine Catch (Release) for Left – Handed Shooters for 1911 As no suitable... more

Magazine Catch (Release) for Left – Handed Shooters for

  • 1911

As no suitable solution can be found on the European market TECTAL developed this magazine catch for left-handed shooters for 1911 pistols based on our successful 2011 design offered since 2020.

The magazine catch for left-handed shooters was developed as such from the ground up. All parts are designed to be as robust as possible within the confined space available and are machined from high-quality, alloyed steel respectively stainless steel. Bolts and pin are made from stainless steel.

Besides the functionality for left-handed shooters the TECTAL design offers the following additonal benefits:

  • Suitable for standard 1911 full steel pistols resp. grip frames* and magazines in the calibres 9x19 und .45 ACP.
  • Supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-mount
  • Easy to mount – does not require any modifications to the gun

   * Tested in 1911 pistols made by Colt, STI, STP, S&W incl. original, Metalform und Mec-Gar magazines



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