Magazine Catch for Left-Handed Shooters - 2011 STI Grip Frame

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  • 01.108
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Magazine Catch (Release) for Left – Handed Shooters for

  • 2011 STI grip frame (PN 01.108)

As no suitable alternative was found on the European market TECTAL developed this magazine catch for left-handed shooters for 2011 pistols. The product was extensively tested during IPSC training, the National Austrian IPSC Handgun Championships 2019 / Standard Division and in local matches.

The magazine catch for left-handed shooters was developed as such from the ground up. All parts are designed to be as robust as possible within the confined space available and are machined from high-quality, alloyed steel respectively stainless steel. Bolts and pin are made from stainless steel.

Besides the functionality for left-handed shooters the TECTAL design offers the following additonal benefits:

  • Pre-assembled and ready-to-mount, including the Light Magazine Catch Spring for 1911 / 2011 (PN 01.110) from TECTAL
  • Mounts to the grip frame using two retention points
  • Does not require any permanent changes to the gun



The magazine catch for left-handed shooters PN 01.108 positions the magazine at a height comparable to any standard 2011 magazine catch. Adjusting the height of the magazine to compensate for deviating or subpar grip frames is not possible due to the release mechanism integrated into the magazine catch for left-handed shooters.   


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